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股市震荡传导楼市 股民亏钱申请缓交房款

新常态下企业改革“路线图”:LED产业加速淘汰“僵尸企业” 说明

2016年家居商业市场被看好 卖场主攻营销

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2.搜房承诺五年无理由退房 专家称为变种营销手段
4.北京购房市场回温 改善置业走俏
5.产能过剩是制约建材业发展的主要原因力争全省城镇绿色建筑 占新建建筑比例达40%


1. While the S&P 500 is on track to conclude another stellar year of gains, those who sought to beat the index are poised to finish with a more dubious distinction. According to Lipper, 85% of all active stock mutual fund managers had been trailing their benchmarks through the end of November. In a typical year, there are nearly twice as many managers outperforming, with only around two thirds of funds struggling to catch up. Lipper says this is the worst year for active managers relative to the market in three decades.
2. adj. 民主的,大众的,平等的
3. No. The Bank of Japan’s life will get tougher in 2018 as the US Federal Reserve tightens policy and widens the interest rate gap with Japan. But governor Haruhiko Kuroda is determined to hike rates in response to one thing only: inflation. The BoJ may let the yield curve climb a little if prices start to accelerate, but real interest rates in Japan will end 2018 no higher than at the start of the year.
4. So too would be concluding the EU’s own (re)negotiation of its existing trade agreement with Mexico. And there is a good chance Brussels could beat Donald Trump to the finish line on a deal with Mexico.
5. "Perhaps it is no big deal whether or not you are in the group discussion, but if you were absent, 670,000 people would be absent, if you were silent, 670,000 people would be silent."
6. We will endeavor to transform and upgrade traditional industries.


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2、热点城市调控收紧 地产融资再遇严控
3、燕郊楼市:二手房单价降4000元 仍有价无市
4、南京六成二手房被外地人买走 今年成交7.14万套 均价239万元/套
6、北京下架92万条违规房源 市住建委要求15家主流网站自查整改....