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林氏木业年后首家体验馆曝光 杭州将成O2O分水岭

2014家居行业标准化渐近 “正能量”保障消费者权益 说明

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1.2015年1-11月全国经济数据出炉 家具业原来是这样
2.北京:十一价格大检查 紧盯房产租赁市场
3.房贷申请量有所增加 天量信贷造楼市疯牛行情?
5.卫浴市场竞争激烈 卫企需发掘营销点
6.济南一楼盘退房退款现场 :20余名保安严查 不能开车进


1. Gitanjali Rao was selected from 10 finalists who had spent three months collaborating with scientists to develop their ideas.
2. A total of 16 Chinese companies are in the top 100 on the list, including China Mobile, Alibaba and Tencent.
3. Obama scored narrow wins in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire - all states that Romney had contested - while the only swing state captured by Romney was North Carolina, according to network projections。
4. Emissions have been falling gradually in recent years in most of the developed countries, in part because of economic weakness but also because of strengthening climate policies. Emissions in the 28-nation European Union fell 1.8 percent in 2013, despite increases in coal consumption in a few countries, including Germany and Poland. Emissions decreased sharply in Britain, Italy and Spain.
5. Topped with golden leaves and flavored with champagne, the confection was sold for $100 a pop.
6. In contrast to last year when the vast majority of economists expected the ECB to launch full-scale quantitative easing, just under half of the 33 respondents thought the ECB would do nothing this year. The rest said the ECB would expand QE or cut interest rates, although some of those who expected more easing stressed that the central bank was unlikely to radically reshape its existing policy response.


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