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督查组暗访:入户调查5户群众 4户不知是否发了社保卡

家具市场惨淡的罪魁祸首:卖场严重过剩 说明

中央政治局会议强调高质量发展 为何如此重要?

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1.外围区域成交亮眼 广州楼市仍有“价格洼地”?
2.去年北京供应自住房超5万套 自住房供地超两倍
3.近两年居民储蓄率下降 归还债务被动储蓄增多
4.财政部:减税效应继续显现 11月财政收入同比降幅扩大
6.房企暗降或转为明降 楼市迫近“新常态”


1. Chinese people are intelligent and hardworking and they have an inexhaustible drive for pursuing a better life for themselves. The government needs to create the enabling environment for our people to fully use their talent and initiative.
2. Restaurants and other retailers across the United States are offering free or discounted items and service to the nation's military veterans Wednesday in honor of the annual Veterans Day holiday observance.
3. Jiang Yiyi, deputy director of the Institute of International Tourism at the China Tourism Academy, attributed part of the dropoff in foreign tourists to the strengthening yuan.
4. Meanwhile, figures such as Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, have raised concerns about Chinese state-owned enterprises’ investments in Europe, arguing that they lack international management standards.
5. The U.S. Veterans Day holiday also coincides with other World War One-era holidays around the world, including Remembrance Day in Britain and the Commonwealth nations of Australia and Canada.
6. 就零工经济的命运来说,英国将是一个值得关注的关键国家。英国政府将对一份关于英国法律是否跟得上这一新趋势的独立评估做出回应。考虑到政府的脆弱性和耗时的英国退欧进程,现在似乎不太可能出台大胆的政策行动——无论是支持还是反对在线劳动力平台。


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2、房市低迷 开发商热闹造“日光”引购房人紧张
3、雷士照明内斗最后一战 吴长江出招争抢渠道
4、南国置业4日发生1笔大宗交易 成交4612.88万元
5、北京城市副中心将新增住房18万套 通勤不超半小时


      西西软件园 Pop superstar Gaga also took home the award for best actress in a limited television series or movie for her role as the villainous Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel. The Born This Way singer made an emotional speech as she was awarded a Golden Globe for her role in the HBO hit.